Why Do Dogs Chew On Their Paws?

Why Do Dogs Chew On Their Paws?

The dog’s claws is a complicated structure, with lots of hairs and wrinkles, and they are easy to deposit foreign matter. If dogs chew on their claws intense, prolonged, or frequent, you should be concerned. It is generally caused by lesions in the claws. Trauma, foreign matter, dry cracks, toe inflammation, dermatophytes, etc. will cause them chewing on claws.

When the paws are in wet for too long and inducing interdigital inflammation; when their claws are cracked caused by the dry weather in winter; or when their paws are stabbed by a foreign matter, all the above cases will make dogs feel uncomfortable, and will cause them to lick their paws.

As an owner, we need to check dog’s paws constantly, and they needs to be dried after each cleaning. If the paws have lesions, we should choose some professional paw care products for nursing. Then we need to check that if there is parasites in dog’s paws, and whether the paws are red or swollen, they are the sign of fungal infection. If they really have a fungal infection, you can apply some topical medicines for fungal acarids and combine a shampoo bath to treat them.

There is also a situation where some dogs are too boring to ask for attention. When the owner ignores the dog for too long, they will feel anxious. Some of them will chew on their tails and some will chew on their paws. But if they lick their paws for a long time, the paws will be in wet all the time, which will cause fungal infection.

So, the owner can spend more time with dogs or prepare some dog chews or toys to distract their attention, that can ease the situation.

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