Training Your Cat Not to Scratch Furniture

Training Your Cat Not to Scratch Furniture

Grinding claws is a part of nature of cats, so it is impossible to stop them. For cats, the claw is its most powerful weapon, so it must always wear away the aging keratin to make it sharp.

In addition, grinding the claws is also used to show their own power and increase the odor. There are scent glands inside the forefoot of cats, so they grind their claws are also to let feet have their own smell.

Despite this, if you let it grind the claw casually, the sofas, curtains, chairs, carpets, wooden floors, walls, etc. of your home will become ragged and terrible. And once the cat has determined where to grind its claws, it can not be changed easily, which will be even more costly.

It is the hardest thing to educate cat to grind the claws in an acceptable place. Therefore, such education should be started as early as possible before the furniture is badly spoiled.

Training should begin from kittens. First, you need prepare a special grinding tool. If the cat begins to grind its claws on the furniture, you should immediately say “no” and bring it to the special plank you prepared before, grasp the cat’s front legs with both hands and place them on a wooden post and simulate the scratching of the cat. So that the exudates of the glands on the cat’s feet can be painted on the wooden posts.

At the beginning, the cat may be disobedient, but after a few moments it will grind its claws patiently. Praise it when it can skillfully grind its claws on the special plank. After several time’s training, coupled with the scent of the secreted fluid, the cat will take the initiative to scratch on the wooden post. Once your cat developing such habits, it will no longer scratch the furniture.

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