Things to Know about the Egyptian Maus

Things to Know about the Egyptian Maus

Egyptian Maus are thought by many to be one of the progenitor breeds of the modern domestic cat. They have anatomical, metabolic and behavioral differences from other cat breeds which could be considered as evidence of antiquity or at least uniqueness from other cat breeds.

Besides those already mentioned, Maus are more temperature sensitive than most breeds—they are fond of very warm temperatures. They are more sensitive to medicines and anesthesia.

Maus allegedly have an unusually long gestational period, about 73 days. The maximum normal period for cats is 65–67 days, although Siamese may take a day or two longer.

The Egyptian Maus are very smart and likes to be close to responsible and caring owners. They are known for having what is considered a loyal, friendly personality. There are many owners of these cats who allege that when they return home after working a day, they will find that their cats are sitting in front of the door and are eagerly waiting for them.

Although many veterinarians and animal caregivers do not approve of it, the Egyptian Mau’s character is very suitable for outdoor life. They are quick and smart. As long as they are brought to outdoors carefully from a young age, they will learn to avoid all the dangers of the outdoors basically.

Egyptian Maus, especially pure breeds, are not very friendly to other breeds. They will attack the invading cat very fiercely, and will also be extremely sensitive to and avoid strange humans. Therefore, Egyptian Maus are not suitable for families living in apartments or having guests frequently.

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