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Tips for Training Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever is a very intelligent dog, which ranks in the top ten in the dog IQ list. Its IQ can reach a level equal to a three years old baby.

Therefore, compared to other dogs, Golden Retriever training is still relatively easy to use. For some not too difficult movements and skills, they can master faster. Please follow me to take a look at some tips for training Golden Retriever and make it more clever.

  1. Do not praise too much. The praise of Golden Retriever should be limited to when the Golden Retriever dog is very obedient. If you praise it at every turn, it will be confused. It does not know when it will be praised, that will increase the difficulty of future training.

  1. To correct in time. When the Golden Retriever is preparing to do something that is wrong, it should be stopped loudly and decisively. If you reprimand it later, the dog will not understand the reason and will continue to do those wrongthings. What’s more, if it is often reprimanded in the case of unexplained reasons, it will gradually become distrustful to the owner and no longer listen to the owner’s orders.


  1. Improve adaptability. Golden Retriever often evades or yells at what it doesn’t like, or even destroys it. This may sometimes cause great trouble for the owner. In this case, we must first have patience. Let the Golden Retriever slowly approach what it does not like, and at the same time, keep talking to it in a gentle voice and calm it down. If you fight thedog at this time, it will make Golden Retriever hide even further.
  1. Have patience. Golden Retriever can not remember and handle byonly once or twice teaching. It needs to form a memory gradually during constant training. Therefore, the breeder is required to have patience and keep train it.


With the above tips, training will be easier. We hope that each owner will have a well-behaved dog.

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