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How to Correct Cat Bad Behavior

If your cats are doing some things that you’d really prefer they didn’t do, it will be a good chance that you can train that bad behavior away.

But first, try to understand why the cat is behaving in that way. There must be a reason, and from the cat’s perspective, that behavior is perfectly reasonable.

There could be several reasons why your cats are acting out — they might be stressed over a new change in your home, they might have a medical condition or they simply may not understand that their behavior is wrong. While you may think that your cats is misbehaving because they are upset or spiteful toward you, this is usually not the case.

Redirecting the behavior instead of punishing your cats for it is more likely to put they back on track. By punishing them, they may feel threatened by you, which can ultimately lead to even more stress and bad habits. If they are fearful of you, this will also damage your bond with one another.

However, they should be made aware of unwanted behaviors. One way of doing this is by connecting bad behaviors with something unpleasant. For instance, cats are averse to certain scents like perfume and citrus. You can use these scents in where you don’t want your cats to go to keep them away from those places.

If cats are clawing your furniture, for example, they are driven by instinct to do that. They need to claw something – it’s a survival instinct.

So there’s not much chance of getting your cats to stop clawing. But you can train cats to focus their clawing instinct on acceptable objects, like scratching posts.

If your cats sometimes play too rough, and begin biting or scratching, that’s also a behavior that can be trained away – at least to a degree. 

When you’re playing with your cats and they begin biting or scratching, startle them with a loud noise. You can clap your hands or make a hissing sound – just something to startle cats into stopping what they are doing. And then just simply walk away. Do that every time that your cats get rough, and they will learn that the consequence of biting and scratching is that playtime comes to an end.

Always remember to praise your cats for good behaviors as well. Give them a treat for a job well done, and they will learn to associate their actions with their rewards.

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