How to Keep Your Cat Free From Fleas

How to Keep Your Cat Free From Fleas

To have a pet home means a responsibility especially if it is a cat or dog. Both cats’ and dogs’ fur can be the target of ticks, which will cause them great discomfort and often infect them with viruses that cause serious illnesses. To know more about how you can keep your cat well protected from fleas is necessary. Here are some important points which you need to keep in mind.

Bathe your Cat in Lukewarm Water
You need to bathe your cat often in daily life and make sure that you do so in lukewarm water. This will disinfect your cat’s fur to a considerable extent. You can add a bit of Dettol to the water for better results.

Apply Anti-tick Powder
Once your cat has been well dried, you need to apply some anti-tick powder over its fur. Apply this powder in small doses or else it could have a corrosive impact on your cat’s fur and skin in general.

Keep your Cat Indoors
Try to keep your cat from running around in the open too much. Instead make an attempt to have it move around indoors in the confines of your living room area or bedroom, as much as possible.

Get your Cat Vaccinated
Finally, if you get your pet vaccinated when it is not more than three months of age, you will be able to protect it from being attacked by fleas at any point of time. The vaccination should be done by a vet of repute.

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