Diseases Susceptible to Samoyed Dogs

Diseases Susceptible to Samoyed Dogs

Samoyed is a kind of canine with very low probability of getting hereditary diseases. They hardly ever get sick throughout their lives, but some acquired factors can cause some diseases.

The more common ones are:


Samoyed is a kind of canine of the cold zone. They are usually greedy for cold. For example, they like to lie on the cold ground, which will cause them to diarrhea. As an owner, we must pay attention to keeping warm for them, and do not let them lie on the cold and damp concrete floor, especially when they are young.

2.Volvulus of stomach

Many large dogs and deep-thorax dogs are susceptible to the disease. Once the disease occurred, it will cause a series of rapid physiological changes, such as: repeated retching, drooling and depression. Severe cases will occur hypotensive shock, and the mortality rate is quite high. So once this happens, it must be taken to the hospital for treatment as soon as possible. In order to prevent this kind of disease, owners should pay attention to avoid the dog to do strenuous exercise after meals.


Cataracts are a common disease in all dogs from the cold zone. Their eyes are more vulnerable to cataracts as they experience polar day and night conditions in the snow-covered cold zone which making their eyes more fragile. For prevention, we should avoid the strong light when walking dogs.

What are the common symptoms of Samoyed sickness?

In general, a healthy Samoyed’s nose is cool and moist, with a clear layer of liquid on the surface of the nose. When Samoyed’s nose becomes dry, red, with a crack, and the mucus occasionally mixed with blood, and the dog is also constantly sneezing, it means the Samoyed dog may has a cold, with nasal disease or infectious diseases.

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