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Why I Choose to Adopt a Dog ?

Because the Korean government has not given enough attention to boycotting dog meat, these heinous dog meat trades are still common in South Korea. Animal-loving volunteers have no choice but to do their best to buy and save more dogs from Korean dining tables. But there are so many dogs saved, animal lovers have no way to take care of all of them, so what we can do is to adopt dogs according to our own abilities, to give dogs a new home, and to reduce the pressure on those volunteers who saved dogs back.

As animal lovers, we know how great it is to adopt a dog. We know that this will not only save a dog, but also free up a chance for adoption for other dogs. On the other hand, although many people do not recognize this, in fact, adopted dogs will guard the adopters and the family in different ways to repay their adoption.

Some dogs return the favor by rescuing family members.

When smelled the gas leak at home, the dog instinctively knew to alert her family of the potential dangers in the house. The clever puppy refused to let them go to bed, but took her dad to the stove burner that was not closed. This brilliant dog has saved the family from a disaster.

Some dogs, such as rescue dogs, can provide emotional support in times of hardship.

For Rachel, the arrival of Grace, which is a rescue dog, is in the right time. The sudden loss of her husband, Lawrence, caused a heavy blow to her. She said, “I felt so lost. My friends were wonderful and supportive but eventually, everyone moves on with their lives. I don’t have children. And I’m not a workaholic. So I was left with this intense loneliness and void. I couldn’t eat. I couldn’t sleep.”

“One day I started researching dogs that are good for grief and depression. And ‘poodle’ kept popping up. But when I went to the rescue fair, all the poodles were gone. There was this one old dog in the back that nobody was looking at. She was skin and bones. She was trembling and scared and mucus was running out of her eyes. She seemed so fragile. She reminded me of myself.”

The feeling of having one thing that makes you feel safe, comfortable and loved is undoubtedly one of the hardest things in life. This is not just happening to humans. It’s the same feeling when dogs are left on the street or abandoned by their families. That’s why Rachel and her rescue dog Grace are the perfect match– they need each other.

Studies have shown that playing or interacting with animals can increases the level of stress-reducing hormone oxytocin and reduce the stress-inducing hormone cortisol. This relationship between humans and animals also helps to overcome anxiety, depression and other mental illness. This is especially true for rescue dogs because they know what is associated with feelings of vulnerability, and it also provides an outlet. Taking on the responsibility for caring for another one in need can bring purpose and meaning during the darkest hours of your life.

Many people who live with dogs will tell you that their lives have changed for the better since they adopted dogs. After all, our dogs know us better than anyone else and can make us happy when we need them the most. Studies have even shown that raising a puppy can bring real health benefits, such as reducing the risk of heart disease and lower stress levels.

I used to be an autistic patient in my childhood. It was because of Ricky’s company, my furry friend who came to my home when I was ten, that I open my heart to the outside world, and began to gradually integrate into the crowd and love life. Ricky’s presence has greatly improved my social skills. I began to share my food and toys with my parents and other kids. I can also provide comfort when others are sad, which is a big improvement for me. Ricky help me develop into normal child, boosting my confidence and compassion.

Pets can act as a social lubricant, returning tension to normal, and serving as a topic of chat. Getting along with dogs can also increase the positive energy of the mind. Their happiness will infect you, stimulating and increasing your chances of interacting with others. They always bring you surprises. Even a small thing can make you have fun. You will find that their world are really simple, playing with you is their greatest happiness, then you will find that life has no big deal.

If you feel that life is boring, if you need a loyal partner, if you want to find a good listener, if. . . then you might consider raising a dog. Adoption is a better option than buying a dog. Adopted dogs will be extraordinarily cherished and obedient after returning to family. And the more cats and dogs are adopted, the more space and resources pet rescue agencies will free up to help more stray cats and dogs.If you adopt a cat or a dog, it will also give hope to other stray cats and dogs that they have the opportunity to enter a complete and happy family either. You will not only get a good partner, at the same time, you give the dog a new home which make a contribution to pets rescue. Why not serve multiple purposes in one fell swoop?

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Can You Imagine If You Marry with A Four-legged Friend?

On June 28, 2018, a very special wedding was held in a small fishing village in San Pedro Huamelula, Oaxaca, Mexico. The villagers married a crocodile to  Victor Aguilar Ricardez, the mayor of San Pedro Huamelula, for good luck and good harvest.

It is reported that marrying a crocodile is a custom of the Chontar Indians, which began in 1789. They believe that the ceremony can bring good luck to fishermen on the Pacific coast of the Isthmus of Tehuantepec of Oaxaca. In this custom, crocodiles are seen as princesses who bring peace and prosperity to the tribe.

The crocodile is mainly baptized first, then put on a custom wedding dress. On the wedding day, it wore a veil and marched on the street with orchestral music. After the parade, the crocodile held a wedding ceremony with the mayor in the town hall.


It is really an unimaginable behavior to marry an animal! However, this is not the only case that man marry with animals. We have found other cases of man marry with dogs to share with you.

An Indian married a dog in 2007

When Selva Kumarr was 18, he saw two dogs mating and killed them. He hung their bodies on a tree, and since then he has been bad. In that year, he not only lost his hands and feet but also lost his hearing. After 15 years, Kumar could no stand the pain of the “Curse of the Dog” any more, so he turned to an astrologer for help to get rid of the terrible curse. The astrologer told him: “Look for a dog to get married.” So in November 2007, Selva Kumar married a 10-year-old dog named Selvi.

An Australian married a dog in 2010

In 2010, a 20-year-old Australian man, Joseph Guiso, married his best friend Honey, a 5-year-old dog Labrador.

Guiso is a college student who gave a sweet kiss to his dog at the wedding. More than 30 of Joseph’s friends and relatives and the bride’s many four-legged friends witnessed this sweet moment.

Guiso calls himself a “monk,” and he feels guilty that he and Honey are living together in a non-marital relationship. In spite of this, he assured people that their love is pure and will be always courteous to each other.

An Indian girl married a dog in 2003

In June 2003, Karnamoni Handsa, a 9-year-old girl from a tribe in eastern India, held a wedding with a stray dog. This wedding is a part of an exorcism ritual because the local custom is: if a child’s first tooth is erupted in the upper gums, then the child will encounter a lot of risks in his life. Only to marry a dog can avoid the disaster.

The tribal elders were very open-minded, they said: ”Marriage with a dog does not affect the life of the little girl. She can still get married again, and she does not have to divorce the dog before remarriage.”

What’s your opinion about marry four-legged friends?

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You will be Touched by the Dog Father

For those who think animals can’t feel strong emotions such as love and happiness, this video proves beyond doubt how wrong this emotion is! Dog love each other no less than love between people.

After a very intense childbirth, the dog mother was exhausted. Her dog babies cried in order to drink breast milk. The only thing this poor mother can do is to lie next to the babies and quietly breastfeed her baby, hoping they can fall asleep early. Although her puppy was born healthy, she was too tired to move.

When you feel bad for this new mom, do you notice what Dad is doing? He cautiously squatted beside the dog mother, slowly licking her face so that she could feel a little more comfortable. The behavior of the dog dad seems to be appeasing the dog mother, telling her that “thanks for your hard work”. They share this beautiful and warm moment together.

Many people may think that dogs will not love one other, but after watching this video, it’s hard to stick to this idea. The father obviously loves the mother and will probably do anything to ensure she and his newborn are absolutely and completely safe. There is nothing could be better than this.

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A Cat Falls From 12th Floor in Manhattan and Survives

An Egyptian cat named Gizmo is a lucky cat. It fell off from the 12th floor of an apartment in Manhattan and survived. This is really a miracle.

Gizmo survived from this fall, and the veterinarian checked on its health and discovered that Gizmo had nothing but only suffered a broken tooth and few scratches. The vet even gave him a clean bill of health.

Obviously, Gizmo slipped off from the terrace railing and landed on the skylight on the third floor, wedging itself between the window and the wall. Gizmo’s owner Samuel Jacobs arrived at the 15th floor apartment on East 32nd Street, but could not find the Gizmo. When he saw Gizmo lying motionless on the third floor skylight, he called it on the patio and could not believe his eyes. He says he was not sure whether it was alive or dead.

Samuel had to seek help from a building porter and slowly approached Gizmo from the third floor neighbor’s terrace. He was shocked when he saw the Gizmos. Incredibly, the cat was still alive. Samuel said he expected it to have at least some broken bones, but miraculously it was not seriously injured. Jacobs says that although he was scared, Gizmo was very relieved to see him.

The cat does have a righting reflex, but whether this is what saved the Gizmo is unknown. The cat’s righting reflex in cats enables them to land on their feet in the event of a fall. This minimizes damage to their internal organs. Cats do not have a functional collarbone, which may have saved Gizmo.

When summer comes around, many pet owners eagerly open windows to enjoy the weather. Unfortunately, they are also unknowingly putting their pets at risk. Unscreened windows pose a real danger to cats, who fall out of them so often that the veterinary profession has a name for the complaint-High-Rise Syndrome.

Falls can result in shattered jaws, punctured lungs, broken limbs and pelvises-and even death. So we owners should fully protect our pets. We need to install snug and sturdy screens in all our windows. And Note that cats can slip through childproof window guards — these don’t provide adequate protection!

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A Cat Saves Owner’s Life

In our minds, cats are less loyal than dogs, not to speak of protecting their owners. We often read stories about how dogs saved the owner,but only in some rare cases, stories are talk about cats saving owner. Here I want to share one with you.

On March 8th, 2006, a refrigerator in a Chinese family, caught fire in the midnight. Fortunately, the cat fed by the family cried and wake up the owner, then the fire was brought under control in time by the family, therefore the fire did not cause a great danger.

According to the opinion of the host, at 3:50 in the morning, when he and his family were slept mistily, he suddenly heard his cat yelling in the living room. “The cat never screams at night. Is there a thief?” He quickly got up and came to the living room to check and found that the refrigerator is self-ignite. 

The flame are more than a meter high, black smoke around, and the flame almost ignites the gas meter which is only 2 cm away from the refrigerator. The cat was scared and huddled, and yelled in the direction of the bedroom. Then the host awakened his family hastily, and 10 minutes later, they finally put out the fire.


Are Cat and Dog Really Live like Cat and Dog?

Spoken language often describes people who quarrel all the day as they live like cat and dog, it seems that in our subconscious, cat and dog could not live together in peace. 

Is that real, or just our guess? I am interested in that question and gathered many cases…till I find there are something fun… That’s hear specialists’ opinion first.

Specialists say that both dogs and cats have their own “secret language”, interestingly, there is a huge difference between their lifestyle and emotion expression, even most are opposite, so that dogs and cats often misunderstand each other, and that’s why they often fight and give us an impression of incompatible.

However, in most family, dogs and cats are not live in such style we think, unexpectedly, they can live in perfect harmony in the same home.

So I guess although their instincts are opposite, cats and dogs can live together as long as there is no competition between them. They even can make you believe that friendship comes in all shapes and sizes.

What’s interesting is that those cats and dogs who lived together, have appeared to develop their intelligence. They can learn how to read each other’s body signals, suggesting that the two may have more in common than we previously suspected.

Once familiar with the presence and body language of each other, cats and dogs can play together, greet each other nose to nose, and enjoy sleeping together on the sofa. They can easily share the same water bowl and in some cases groom each other.

What way do your cats and dogs get along?