6 Ways You May Hurt Dogs’ Feelings Without Knowing About Them

6 Ways You May Hurt Dogs’ Feelings Without Knowing About Them

Every day, we are doing things that mess with our dogs’ emotions. Worse still, sometimes we do not even notice this! Please pay attention to the list below of 6 common puppy-parenting missteps and try avoiding them.

  • Leave your dog home alone!

Most canines spend their owners’ workdays at home alone. Owners could not know what dogs are doing during working time, and staying alone for a long time will also cause psychological harm to them. Often they will get bored, feel lonely and are likely to suffer separation anxiety. Try keeping your dog busy with some special toys to help it pass the time. The best way is to spend more time with them.

  • Always Refusing Your Dog’s Cuddling

Dogs are smart and thoughtful angels. When you are upset, they can sense it and will lick you or snuggle up to you. These are their special ways to dispel the owner’s bad moods. If you drive your dog away at this time, they will feel utterly sad.

  • Not Sharing Food with Your Dog

This is one of the most heartbreaking moments for canines that they watch you with watery eyes until you swallow the last mouthful of your dishes. Actually, some human food do not cause harm to dogs’ health. Share a bit with dogs, they must feel quite happy.

  • Locking Your Dog up When Friends Come Over

This behavior will make dogs more and more unfriendly to strangers. Try allowing your puppies to walk freely in the house and meet your friends.

  • Not Playing with Your Dog

Playing with your dogs is the most effective communication between humans and canines. It’s also the best way to increase your doggies’ sense of existence. If you spend too little time with your dogs, they will feel lonely and may become depressed.

  • Not Allowing Your Dog to Play with Other Dogs

You may worry it will have a bad impact on your puppies that they plays with other dogs. But it is wrong! Instead, this can improve your dogs’ social abilities. They need social circles just as us, they need to make friends, either. Doggies may become unsociable and easy to irritate if they are banned from contact with strange canines for a long time.

So, we should not stop dogs from making friends. When we are free, we can take them out and play with them, that will bring joy to dog’s mind and body, and conducive to the growth of dogs.

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