4 Kinds Vegetables are Poisonous to Dogs

4 Kinds Vegetables are Poisonous to Dogs

Vegetables can provide a variety of nutrients such as vitamins and minerals that the body needs, so do dogs need to eat vegetables? In fact, dogs can also eat vegetables, but not all vegetables are suitable for dogs to eat. Here are 4 kinds of vegetables which are poisonous to dogs.


Onions are excitant foods which your dogs could not eat them, or they will stimulate the dog’s gastrointestinal tract, and in severe cases onions can even cause inflammation or infection in the sense of smell of the dog. Feeding dogs with a small amount of onion for a long-term will make them appear chronic poisoning. If you are still feeding dog with onions, we suggest you stop this behavior immediately. Don’t let your love become hurt.


Tomatoes contain high levels of vitamin C, vitamin B1, malic acid, citric acid and other nutrients, which are all good for humans health. However, the dog can not eat a lot of tomatoes, you’d better not feed them to dogs. If dogs eat too much tomatoes, it can lead to dog diarrhea, drowsiness, drooling and other conditions. So it is best not to feed tomatoes to dogs.


Mushrooms sold on the market are harmless to dogs, but they are hard to be digested by dogs. However, to prevent dogs from developing the habit of eating mushrooms, it is best not to feed them to dogs, so as to avoid accidental food poisoning of dogs by eating poisonous mushroom outside.


Potatoes must not be eaten raw by dogs, because the solanine in raw potatoes is toxic to dogs. Eating too much raw potatoes will be toxic to dogs and even cause shock. While boiled potatoes can feed to the dog, because the cooked potatoes have already broken down the solanine. It is best not to feed potatoes to dogs every day but at intervals.

Notices of dogs diet:

In addition to paying attention to the fact that dogs cannot eat vegetables, we should also notice the staple food problems. Do not allow dogs to eat leftovers, or that will lead to dog hair loss and tear stains. Dog food is still the best choice which nutrition contained is relatively balanced.

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