15 Unexpected Facts about Cat

15 Unexpected Facts about Cat

  • Cats have 230 bones, which is 24 more than humans.
  • Actually cat’s hearing is more sensitive than humans and dogs.

  • Cats have extremely sensitive nervous system.
  • Cats have larger eyes than any other mammal relative to body size.

  • The normal pulse of a cat is between approximately 110-170 beats per minute.
  • Cat’s normal breathing is between 20-40 breaths per minute.
  • The normal body temperature is approximately 39°
  • Catcan jump up to 5 times the height of its body.

  • Cat’s nose pattern is unique, and there are no two cats have the same nose pattern.
  • Cats response to women more than men, because the frequency of women’s voice is higher than that of men.

  • Science has shown that touching cat regularly can lower blood pressure.
  • The average life span of cats is between 13-16 years.
  • Aone-year-old cat is about human’s 20 years old, and it is equivalent to 4 years for every additional year.

  • The running speed of domestic cat is about 55-60 kilometers per hour.
  • Most cats sleep about 16 hours a day.

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