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Jogging or Walking Dogs? You Can Do Both with Pet Jarl Hands Free Running Dog Leash

After a day of hard work, you arrive home and are faced with a difficult choice: to go jogging or to walk the dog? It seems no doubt that you cannot do both or else you will get exhausted. In fact, with Pet Jarl Hands Free Running Dog Leash, doing exercise and walking dogs can be […]

Too Many Paw Marks to Wipe Off? You Need This Dog Paw Cleaner

Are you upset by paw marks left on the furniture and the floor by your dog after a cheerful outdoor activity? To clean their paw prints one by one is tedious and of low-efficiency. We suggest you to wash up their dirty paws before they walk into the house. Pet Jarl Soft Silicon Paw Cleaner is specially designed to reduce […]

Upset by Pet Hair Shedding? You Can Remove Loose Pet Hair Before It Gets Scattered Around the House

Pet lovers can understand pets for hair shedding since this activity is a symbol of their good health and also their very means of cooling body temperature in summer. After several times when the first welcoming one home is hair in the air and on the floor, however, most people begin losing patience and getting a little upset. […]