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Which Side Are You On, Eating Dog Meat Or Not?

Are you still fiercely protesting online against Yulin Dog Meat Festival? Yet, beyond the southern city of China, dog-eating is a nationwide tradition in another developing country– the South Korea.

The Statistics & History of Eating Dog Meat in South Korean

A South Korean parliamentarian has conducted a survey on the consumption of dog meat in the country. The Korean people who had just over 40 million in that year ate an average of 2 million dogs a year, and the annual sales of dog meat reached 1.5 trillion won.

The South Korea dog meat eating began almost simultaneously with livestock breeding. Eating dog meat in Korea is more like a “national” food culture. There is no specified festival or season to eat dog meat, as long as you want to eat, dog meat can be served at any time. In North Korea, the full dog luncheon is even served as a national dish to entertain guests.

However, in recent years, the frequency of Koreans eating dog meat has become lower and lower. Many young Koreans not only refuse to eat dog meat, but also are ashamed of eating dog meat. They even hold large-scale protests from time to time, demanding to get rid of the bad habit of eating dog meat.

The Policies that South Korean Made for Dog Meat Restaurants

On the one hand, the owners of dog meat restaurants Korea are fearless, because where there is a market, there is a business. On the other hand, the helpless dog-lovers can only take excessive measures to stop the normal business of dog meat restaurants. The South Korean government has been in a dilemma for a time. In the end, the government has implemented 4 policies in 2016 for this centurial problem.

First, forcibly relocating the dog meat restaurants in downtown areas and roadside to back alleys;

Second, urging the dog meat restaurants to change their names, replace the dog meat restaurant by nutritious soup restaurant;

Third, if a party is found to have adopted a radical approach to protest, it will be punished according to law;

Fourth, it is forbidden to hang the dog to death, and it is forbidden to cruelly slaughter it in front of other dogs.

In my opinion, the first one is better called “strategic transference”, the second one is a change in form but not in content, and the third article can simply say as “protecting dog vendors from being harassed”, the fourth one is only “kill dog in a gentle way”.

What The South Korean Government Do before the 2018 Winter Olympics

Before the start of the 2018 Winter Olympics, according to the report of the South Korea’s JTBC TV station, earlier the US media had said that the dog shop closed during the Winter Olympics will receive economic compensation from the South Korean government, and many South Korean media quoted relevant reports. However, in fact, the South Korean Central Government and the Pyeongchang Winner Olympic Committee did not take any measures against dog meat restaurants. The local government of Gangwon Province did take some measures, including listing the dog meat restaurants as “a restaurant that would cause antipathy by foreigners”, giving 20 million won (about 17746 dollar) to the dog meat restaurant that changed the dishes. But only one restaurant in Pyeongchang has applied for and received this subsidy. And if you change the “dog meat” and “Bosintang” on the menu to other names such as “nutritious soup” , you can get up to 10 million won (about 8872 dollar), and there are 12 restaurants made an application. But the government has not banned the sale of dog meat during the Winter Olympics. This move is akin to cry up wine and sell vinegar.

During the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, local government doesn’t want visitors to see what dog meat restaurants do to dogs, so thousands of dogs were transferred to narrow, filthy cages, and what awaits for them is torture before being slaughtered for food. In fact, these dogs have not only lived in fear since the day they were born, they also have experienced trauma and terrible living conditions. Dogs tied up and their legs cut off while alive, thrown into pots to boil while still alive, held down and their fur sliced off with blades…alive, just because people believe the pain makes the meat more effective.

A Eating Dog Case that Cause Concern

South Korea’s “Korean Daily” reported that on June 25th this year, when the dog meat restaurant in South Korea ushered in the hottest period of business, the court suddenly announced a verdict that a dog farm’s principal who slaughtered a dog for the purpose of eating is criminal.

In spite of the animal protection group is cheering, and say that the next step will be a class action against the dog meat restaurants, the eating dog industry is dissatisfied with the judgment.

Although the controversy over whether to eat dog meat or not has been going on in Korea for decades, the latest poll results show that more than half of Korean still agree with the consumption of dog meat. Yonhap News Agency said on the 25th that a survey recently released by professional investigation agencies showed that 51.3% of people opposed the legislation prohibiting the consumption of dog meat.

Stop Consumption, But Protection

The Korean Dog Festival is less well known internationally, so it is less blamed to some extent. According to a scholar said, the Korean Dog Festival is more difficult to deal with because it is a series of activities, not just in one place (like the Yulin Dog Festival).

Unlike the infamous Yulin Dog Festival, the Korean Dog Festival is not an activity that can be banned, but needs to change the habits and thoughts of everyone during the hottest period.

When companion animals are abandoned, feeling ashamed is not enough; when a stray dog is snatched from the street and brutally killed for the meat industry, being angry is not enough; when untrained and under-resourced authorities deal with strays inhumanely, feeling sick doesn’t help. We have to analyze what went wrong and do our best to ensure that other dogs do not suffer the same awful fate. When we work together, animals benefit. When we fight, every body loses.

For anyone who doesn’t understand how truly horrible it is. It is more than just eating dogs and cats. They burn and beat dogs to death and boil dogs in pressure cookers to turn their juices into tonics.

Please End the Violence! The Korea dog meat torture must be stopped. Torture is for cowards. For humans, dogs may be just a lunch, but for dogs, the owner is all for them. If you see dogs as your companion, then protection exists. If you see them as an ingredient, a dish is served. It is critical how we perceive this creature. It is us who have the power to stop this inhumane activity, not the powerless dogs. It is time to stop the brutality. You can choose not to love, but please don’t hurt.

We want to raise international awareness of dogs farming in South Korea through online Korean dog meat protests. By increasing awareness worldwide, we hope to pressure the South Korean government to end these heinous trades. 

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