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A Cat Falls From 12th Floor in Manhattan and Survives

An Egyptian cat named Gizmo is a lucky cat. It fell off from the 12th floor of an apartment in Manhattan and survived. This is really a miracle.

Gizmo survived from this fall, and the veterinarian checked on its health and discovered that Gizmo had nothing but only suffered a broken tooth and few scratches. The vet even gave him a clean bill of health.

Obviously, Gizmo slipped off from the terrace railing and landed on the skylight on the third floor, wedging itself between the window and the wall. Gizmo’s owner Samuel Jacobs arrived at the 15th floor apartment on East 32nd Street, but could not find the Gizmo. When he saw Gizmo lying motionless on the third floor skylight, he called it on the patio and could not believe his eyes. He says he was not sure whether it was alive or dead.

Samuel had to seek help from a building porter and slowly approached Gizmo from the third floor neighbor’s terrace. He was shocked when he saw the Gizmos. Incredibly, the cat was still alive. Samuel said he expected it to have at least some broken bones, but miraculously it was not seriously injured. Jacobs says that although he was scared, Gizmo was very relieved to see him.

The cat does have a righting reflex, but whether this is what saved the Gizmo is unknown. The cat’s righting reflex in cats enables them to land on their feet in the event of a fall. This minimizes damage to their internal organs. Cats do not have a functional collarbone, which may have saved Gizmo.

When summer comes around, many pet owners eagerly open windows to enjoy the weather. Unfortunately, they are also unknowingly putting their pets at risk. Unscreened windows pose a real danger to cats, who fall out of them so often that the veterinary profession has a name for the complaint-High-Rise Syndrome.

Falls can result in shattered jaws, punctured lungs, broken limbs and pelvises-and even death. So we owners should fully protect our pets. We need to install snug and sturdy screens in all our windows. And Note that cats can slip through childproof window guards — these don’t provide adequate protection!

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