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For a Perfect Outdoor Playtime, You Need A Pet Travel Water Bottle

Playing outdoors is one of dogs’ favorite. But under heat wave and after much exercise, your animal friends easily get tired and thirsty. Enough water is critical for them to refresh mind and regain energy. I bet you may have seen many time how a dog acts when it feels thirsty–it just crouches in the shadows with no intention to move! An outdoor activity involving no movement is a far cry from the one of interaction and happiness you have expected.

This is your vision:

But with poor preparation, it may end up like this…

To avoid this embarrassment, you definitely need this: Pet Jarl Portable Dog Water Mug

This pet travel water bottle is with large capacity of 500ml. Under normal circumstances, an adult dog needs 100mL of water per kilogram of body per day, and puppies need 150mL. 530ml (18oz) large capacity can meet a dog’s need of water for an outdoor activity time.

It is easy to use. The reusable dog water dispenser is specially designed with a container, a bowl-shaped lid and a straw. Using the pressure principle, you can gently squeeze the bottle to let the water flow the the bowl-like lid for dogs to drink. In addition, PP and PE plastics are durable and do no harm to pets’ health.

The dog water bottle with bowl attached comes with an adjustable hook-and-loop strap that can be secured around your wrist or attached to your backpack or belt. The leak-proof design also ensures a safe and carefree experience of long-distance carrying.

A dog water bottle is not an extravagance, but a necessity since drinking enough water is essential for dogs’ health. Buy one Pet Jarl Portable Dog Water Bottle, your dog will thank you for this purchase. Next time when you two play outdoors, you do not need to worry about its getting thirsty and unhappy. That will be a perfect playtime.


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