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A Cat Saves Owner’s Life

In our minds, cats are less loyal than dogs, not to speak of protecting their owners. We often read stories about how dogs saved the owner,but only in some rare cases, stories are talk about cats saving owner. Here I want to share one with you.

On March 8th, 2006, a refrigerator in a Chinese family, caught fire in the midnight. Fortunately, the cat fed by the family cried and wake up the owner, then the fire was brought under control in time by the family, therefore the fire did not cause a great danger.

According to the opinion of the host, at 3:50 in the morning, when he and his family were slept mistily, he suddenly heard his cat yelling in the living room. “The cat never screams at night. Is there a thief?” He quickly got up and came to the living room to check and found that the refrigerator is self-ignite. 

The flame are more than a meter high, black smoke around, and the flame almost ignites the gas meter which is only 2 cm away from the refrigerator. The cat was scared and huddled, and yelled in the direction of the bedroom. Then the host awakened his family hastily, and 10 minutes later, they finally put out the fire.