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How Much Water Does A Dog Need Per Day?

It’s hot out or when your dog has completed exercising that your dog has access to fresh, clean water. We never recommend limiting access to your dog’s water. Dogs could not sweat (except from their nose and paws), so when they’re hot from either the environment or exercise. They control their body temperature by panting. Excessive panting leads to water loss through physiologic evaporation, but the water loss can easily be replenished by drinking fresh water.


So, how much water does a dog need per day? Water is the most important substance for dogs in daily life. Water must be involved in the digestion, absorption and transport of various nutrient substances, the elimination of waste, the thermoregulation and the lactation of female dogs.

Water is a necessary nutrient substance for dogs. There are about 60 percent water in adult dogs’ bodies, and a higher percentage in young dogs’ bodies.

Water is also an essential substance for the metabolism of dogs. The participation of water can keep the body’s endocrine and cellular structure in a normal state. In addition, the evaporation of water forms a heat exchange with the outside world through the body surface and respiratory system, which can reduce the body temperature. If nutrients are not dissolved in water, they cannot be fully absorbed. Especially in sick dogs, they can’t be restored to health without water.

Dogs can not eat food for two days, but can not go without water in just one day. When water shortage up to 20%, it will become life-threatening severe. Under normal circumstances, an adult dog would need about 100 milliliters of water per kilogram of body weight per day, and a young dog would need 150 milliliters per kilogram of body weight per day.

In addition, dog owners should increase their drinking capacity during hot seasons, after exercise, or when they are fed with relatively dry feed to dogs. Water should be supplied throughout the day.

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