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Are Fruits Friendly to Teddy?

In daily life, owners always spoil Teddy and want to share everything delicious with Teddy. However, Teddy is greedy in its mouth, and it will eat whatever you give it. When owners eat fruits, they will also feed fruits to Teddy. Here comes the question, are fruits friendly to Teddy?

1. Dogs do not need to eat fruit to supplement Vitamin C.

One big difference between dogs and humans is that dogs can synthesize vitamin C in their body by the meat they eat. So it is not essential to feed fruit to dogs if you just want to supplementing VC for them.

2. The pros and cons of dogs eating fruit.

When dogs are constipated or when their appetite is not good, you can feed them with fruits. Because the cellulose and water in the fruit can enhance the gastrointestinal function, and the cool and sweet taste of the fruit can get up dogs’ appetite. It should be noted that fruits should offer with appropriate but not too much. Offering troppo fruits with high sugar to dog is bad for their health. Too much sugar will also cause diabetes for dogs.

3. What kind of fruit is good for dogs?

Apples, pears, cherries, watermelons, bananas and peaches are all dog-friendly, you can feed a small amount of those fruits to dogs. The digestion of dog’s stomach varies from dog to dog, and if dogs get a diarrhea after eating some specific fruits, well, don’t give it any more.

4. Matters need attention of feeding dogs fruits:

Do not give the dog fruit seeds or kernels: like pomegranates, litchi, apricots, plums, etc., because it is impossible for a dog to chew the seeds or the kernels. However, there are no differences between a litchi seed and a pebble in the dog’s stomach. So fruit seeds or kernels are definitely not feed to dogs.


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