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How to Save Dogs from Drowning?

Summer is coming, and many owners like to take their dogs to swimming. Dogs drowning is a common accident when dogs are outdoors. So what should we do if our dogs are drowned?

When the dog drowns, it can often cause suffocation and hypoxia. The dog owner should immediately perform the first aid according to the following method.

1. Immediately remove the water, mud, and dirt from the mouth and nose of the dog. Use a gauze (or handkerchief) wrapped in a finger to pull the dog’s tongue out of the mouth to keep the airway open. Then, droop the dog’s head to pour water out.

2. Artificial respiration should be carried out immediately when breathing stops.The steps of artificial respiration for dogs:

  • ① Let the dog lie sideways;
  • ② Remove all contaminants that have blocked the respiratory tract in the mouth;
  • ③ Press the ribs next to the scapula with both hands to squeeze the air out of the lungs;
  • ④ Release your hands quickly.
  • Repeat ③ and ④ until the dog resumes spontaneous breathing.

3. You can also beat the dog’s abdomen 1 or 2 times, and then grab the hind limbs by hand and shake it around 10 times, and then put the dog down for observation. If there is no response, repeat the above action.

4. When the dog’s heartbeat stops, you should first perform a chest cardiac massage.