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Jogging or Walking Dogs? You Can Do Both with Pet Jarl Hands Free Running Dog Leash

After a day of hard work, you arrive home and are faced with a difficult choice: to go jogging or to walk the dog? It seems no doubt that you cannot do both or else you will get exhausted. In fact, with Pet Jarl Hands Free Running Dog Leash, doing exercise and walking dogs can be done simultaneously.

Waterproof pocket design can keep valuable belongings safe, such as mobile phones, keys and money. The pocket is detachable from the leash so that you can also use it when you jog alone. The headphone hole is designed for you to enjoy music or listen to podcast when doing exercise.


The waist belt is adjustable, suitable for users of waist size ranging from 80 to 110cm. Leash measures 140cm long in usual, and 160cm with the waist belt.


Elastic rope can have a great buffering effect on pulling force when the dog suddenly rushes to one direction.

The clip is made of high-quality and durable alloy. Also, it rotates freely. You don’t have to worry that the leash may get entangled or break up halfway home. They will be with you all the time.

The best thing in the world is to do the thing you like with the one you love. With Pet Jarl Hands Free Running Dog Leash, you can exercise and lead a healthy life with lovely pets. They will also discipline you when you want to bludge. A constant and good companion in your improving and maintaining fitness.


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