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You will be Touched by the Dog Father

For those who think animals can’t feel strong emotions such as love and happiness, this video proves beyond doubt how wrong this emotion is! Dog love each other no less than love between people.

After a very intense childbirth, the dog mother was exhausted. Her dog babies cried in order to drink breast milk. The only thing this poor mother can do is to lie next to the babies and quietly breastfeed her baby, hoping they can fall asleep early. Although her puppy was born healthy, she was too tired to move.

When you feel bad for this new mom, do you notice what Dad is doing? He cautiously squatted beside the dog mother, slowly licking her face so that she could feel a little more comfortable. The behavior of the dog dad seems to be appeasing the dog mother, telling her that “thanks for your hard work”. They share this beautiful and warm moment together.

Many people may think that dogs will not love one other, but after watching this video, it’s hard to stick to this idea. The father obviously loves the mother and will probably do anything to ensure she and his newborn are absolutely and completely safe. There is nothing could be better than this.

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