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Weight-management Programs for Dogs

Dogs are being fed fatter and fatter by owners now, which is not a good thing. Like humans, obesity is often accompanied by the potential for a variety of diseases, which is bad for dogs. To make a dog healthier, it is necessary to lose weight properly. And our masters has to be involved all the time. Only in the company of the owner, the dog will be more motivated to lose weight.



















In addition to diet control, our owners also has to accompany the dog on all kinds of weight loss exercise. Working with your dog on a variety of physical activities will not only improve your relationship, but also help your dog burn calories. For example, we can do “triathlon” with dogs to help them lose weight.

Brisk walking

Dog walking is the easiest and most convenient way, but it is no longer possible to go back home after a stroll in the community like before, but it is necessary to ensure time, quality and speed. First of all, it takes at least 40 minutes to take a walk, and walk the dog at a brisk pace that is slightly faster than normal walking, similar to a race walk, and the dog has to trot instead of aimlessly strolling. When the owner feels slightly sweaty, he should continue to walk 20 minutes or so to consume calories.


Some medium-sized and large dogs need more exercise than walking, unless you walk them for more than two hours, so you can use a bicycle to help you. In fact, cycling is also a good exercise for people. Keeping the speed at around 20km/h and ride for 30 minutes to an hour a day, and dogs will also happy to follow the owner. But stop every 10 minutes to let the dog rest or the exercise will be too intense for dogs.


There are some big kennel club have opened dog’s swimming pool with dedicated services for dogs. The owners and dogs swim for 1 hour in different shades of pool will consumes about twice as much calories as walking. If the weather is warm, owners can take dogs to the beach for swimming.

Before the various movements are carried out, owners must act according to the dog’s actual physical condition. Do not let the dog be harmed in the process of losing weight, so that gains cannot make up for losses.

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