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Too Many Paw Marks to Wipe Off? You Need This Dog Paw Cleaner

Are you upset by paw marks left on the furniture and the floor by your dog after a cheerful outdoor activity? To clean their paw prints one by one is tedious and of low-efficiency.

We suggest you to wash up their dirty paws before they walk into the house. Pet Jarl Soft Silicon Paw Cleaner is specially designed to reduce the burden of house cleaning for you.

Well-designed silicone brush can easily clean mud and dirt from paws. With the final step of wiping away water left on the paws with a dry towel, their paws become clean again.

It is made of BPA-free material which is eco-friendly, green and safe for pets’ health. Silicone also has a soft and tender texture that does not hurt pets. And the silicone mat has great cleanness effect.

Silicone brush and lid of detachable design can be removed and separated to drain the cleaner, then you just need to rinse it. Detergent is not necessary. Very easy to clean after each use.

With paws put into the cleaner for a while, your lovely pet friends will become neat and clean as usual. Then, they can enjoy playing indoors to maintain the joy they have experienced outdoors. Pet Jarl Soft Silicon Paw Cleaner will be their favorite!

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