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Cat Has Different Symbolism in Different Culture

Meaning of the Cat, or symbol of cat has been given many view of nature, such as:

Silent and mysterious: Cat is always silent, it does not act in front and gives us a mysterious look. You will never judge what is running in the mind of cat.
Stoic: Cat will not show you when it is in pain ,it will endure and do hardship without complaint.

Other world guardians : Cats are resemble your Grudian who are from other world, and they will care for you and save you from danger.
Secrets holder: Cats are known as the best friends in their nature, if you share to care and keep secrets with cats, no one will be able to find it. Cats will preserve the thing and keep you alert in cases of danger.

In Ancient Rome cat are known as sacred Diana, who is the moon goddess.

Norse legend treated cat as fertility goddess that why they keep blessing upon newborns.

Egypt use to rank cat high, as it is considered that their lunar goddess has a cat head.

Cats are quite resourceful and tend to give us messages of change. When cat sit quite aloof it indicates us to distance ourselves from people or situations.

Cat is clever, secretive, mysterious, intelligent, intuitive, supernatural and independent. Being a friend with cat is a good choice, and don’t make your cat as your enemy, because they hold your secrets and fight with them could be very danger.

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