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The Issues Need to Pay Attention to When Cats Give Birth at Home

In this special and holy day, we Pet Jarl Club wish all mothers have a pleasant and memorable day.

Not only our mothers are great, but also animals’. Producing is also dangerous for animals, so, let’s learn something that we can do for our pets when they give birth at home.

Cat giving birth to kittens is a matter needs intensive care. If the cat produce at home, you must know what to prepare for cat first, lest you would feel hectic and overwhelmed by then. Here is a brief introduction based on personal experience.

1. Food is the most important

Preparing foods that can supplement the nutrients pregnant cats need for them. Prepared food that can lay a solid foundation for their health for unborn babies.

(Mom cat hugging little kitten, lying on blue blan)

2. Nutrition

Prepare nutrients for mother cats to supplement nutrition. At the same time, when the kittens are born, if it need artificial feeding, nutrients can be added to the milk powder, which can effectively prevent kittens from the diarrhea caused by not adapting to milk powder.

Nutrition tablets: There are milk calcium tablets, multivitamin tablets, and appetizing garlic tablets, which should be properly supplemented according to the needs of the female cat.

Nutritional Gel: According to the taste of cats chosen different brands.

Milk powder: Prepared for kittens and cats, if kittens need artificial feeding, milk powder is essential.

Can: You can prepare more cans with different brands, and often change the taste, after all, have been eating one kind of food will be cloyed.

3. Auxiliary tools

Litter Box: Cats who are pregnant will be fat. Preparing a wider and lower litter box for them can make cats easier to climb.

Cattery: It would be nice to prepare a comfortable cattery for her.

Delivery tools: medical scissors, cotton thread, disinfectant alcohol tampon, and emergency aid needles. If you plan to make cats give birth at home, you can’t miss them all.

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