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Can Dogs Eat Traditional Chinese Rice-pudding?

Today is Chinese Dragon Boat Festival, and many Chinese will eat traditional Chinese rice-pudding, which is called Zongzi.

Many owners would like to share Zongzi with their dogs and believe that it is not bad for their furry friend, however, the cases of dogs diarrhea due to eating Zongzi often occur during the festival.

The main ingredient of Zongzi is glutinous rice, which has large oiliness and stickiness. Excessive eating Zongzi for dogs can easily lead to indigestion, and there will be increased gastric acid secretion, loss of appetite, abdominal distention, diarrhea and other symptoms. How on earth can a dog taste the delicious rice dumplings without indigestion?

The spices (white spirits, soy sauce and other spices) that commercial Zongzi usually added or excessive intake of sodium salt can lead to diarrhea, vomiting, and anemia or other symptoms in dogs. If you want to share rice dumplings with your dog, you’d better mix glutinous rice with lean beef, chicken, mutton to make rice dumplings by yourself.

Before feeding, you can divide rice dumpling into small portions to help dogs digest.

For dogs who always wolf down their food, it is better not to feed them Zongzi. The burden on the stomach will be increased because the food are chewed less frequently in the mouth, and that will also increase the incidence of dyspepsia greatly.

Actually scientific breeding has advocated that don’t feed human food to dogs. Owners who want to make meals for his dog can customize the dog’s nutritious meal according to the nutritional needs of his dog, but blindly feed the dog with human food will cause a physical burden on the dog which will lead to discomfort to the dog.

So in summary, for the safety of dogs, it is best not to feed dogs with rice dumplings.

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