No Longer Troubled by Bathing A Dog, Because You Have The Helper

No Longer Troubled by Bathing A Dog, Because You Have The Helper

Bathing pets is considered as one of the most difficult and troublesome things for pet owners. Though pets like water, they easily get frightened if you just clean them as the way you take a shower–rinsing them with the normal shower in a rush. It deserves more carefulness than most people have expected. And Pet Jarl Massage Brush Sprayer is designed for a comfy bathing experience for pets.

The amazing grooming brush sprayer combines shower with grooming brush, this 2-in-1design enables you to clean pets while giving them a massage. Double surprises for lovely pets.


The 2-in-1shedding grooming brush sprayer uses humanized strap, free to adjust length to the size of the palm. Easy and convenient to wear and take off.

The 240cm (94.5inch) hose made of ABS and silicone is environmentally friendly, non-toxic and highly elastic.

The water inlet is made of PVC material which is light, convenient, practical and easy to install. You can wash your lovely pets wherever you want as long as there is a water tap available. Bathroom, balcony, yard, etc. Enjoy the shower time. 

With Pet Jarl Sprayer Massage Brush, you can comb pet hair and massage while bathing them. As having a SPA, pets can enjoy the moment. For you, then, washing them up is no longer related to a great mess in the bathroom.

To clean them up is a good way to tell them how much you love them and care their health and image. Your patience and effort enables them to behave in a carefree and confident manner.


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