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How to choose cat food?

Every cat owner wants the best and high quality food for their cats. With so many options available, it has become difficult to choose the best cat food. It is always advised that you refer your vet before narrowing on any cat food. In this blog, we want to share some tips with you on how to choose your cat food.

Before you endorse on any food product, you need to make sure that the food suits your cat. Cats have three life stages and there are age appropriate foods according to their life stages. The three stages of cat’s life are:

Stage 1: Kitten- A kitten is fragile like any baby. So a kitten requires food that is high in protein and fat which will help them to develop strong teeth, muscles and bones. Kittens convert their calories into energy as they are very active compared to older cats.

Stage 2: Adult- The calorie content for adult cats has to be lesser then that of the kittens. Their weight has to be under control or else like humans they can develop diseases like diabetes, heart diseases and arthritis as the cat becomes older. 

Stage 3: Senior Cats- Senior cats have a sedentary life style and as a result they should need a low fat diet with quick digestible proteins. The processing of such foods eases off the burden on kidneys which will help the cat have a healthy life.

Basic Ingredients to keep in mind while purchasing cat food are: 
•    Protein: The source can be from fish, meat or any poultry source as long as it is identifiable. 
•    Taurine: It is essential amino acid which will keep the cat healthy.
•    Look for vitamins, fatty acids, enzymes and minerals.
•    Last but not the least, Water.

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What Bad Habits Lead to Obesity in a Dog?

Dog obesity is a serious problem that thousands of people who love dogs are faced. Here are some of the bad habits that have been proven to cause dog obesity.

Fluid Retention

Fluid retention is related to heart disease and should be treated as soon as possible to prevent other secondary health complications. One of the symptoms is an enlarged belly. Other conditions that could cause this problem include tumors and diseased internal organs. The fluid compromises normal abdominal blood flow.

Prescription Drugs

Research studies have proven that there are some medications that can cause weight gain in dogs if taken for a prolonged period of time. It is recommended to consult your veterinarian to get more details about the effects of the medications that you have been prescribed for your pet.

The pet health expert will also give you insider tips on which exercises that your dog should be doing as well as alternative medications that you could use.











Presence of Internal Parasites

Internal parasites can have an adverse effect on the health of a dog. The worst are those that attach themselves on the abdominal walls as well as intestines. If not treated early, they create a potbellied appearance. Dogs that have a poor immune system are the most affected as well as those that are heavily infested.

Unhealthy Foods and Lack of Exercise

Unhealthy foods refer to foods that slow down the metabolic rate leading to accumulation of fat. As a pet owner, you should be very cautious about the foods that your pet eats.

In addition, you should encourage the dog to take part in physical exercises more often. For instance, every day take it for a walk in the park or around the block.

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How to Save Dogs from Drowning?

Summer is coming, and many owners like to take their dogs to swimming. Dogs drowning is a common accident when dogs are outdoors. So what should we do if our dogs are drowned?

When the dog drowns, it can often cause suffocation and hypoxia. The dog owner should immediately perform the first aid according to the following method.

1. Immediately remove the water, mud, and dirt from the mouth and nose of the dog. Use a gauze (or handkerchief) wrapped in a finger to pull the dog’s tongue out of the mouth to keep the airway open. Then, droop the dog’s head to pour water out.

2. Artificial respiration should be carried out immediately when breathing stops.The steps of artificial respiration for dogs:

  • ① Let the dog lie sideways;
  • ② Remove all contaminants that have blocked the respiratory tract in the mouth;
  • ③ Press the ribs next to the scapula with both hands to squeeze the air out of the lungs;
  • ④ Release your hands quickly.
  • Repeat ③ and ④ until the dog resumes spontaneous breathing.

3. You can also beat the dog’s abdomen 1 or 2 times, and then grab the hind limbs by hand and shake it around 10 times, and then put the dog down for observation. If there is no response, repeat the above action.

4. When the dog’s heartbeat stops, you should first perform a chest cardiac massage.


What Can We Do When a Borzoi Catch a Cold?

Borzois, also called the Russian wolfhound, is a breed of domestic dog. Descended from dogs brought to Russia from central Asian countries, it is similar in shape to a greyhound, and is also a member of the sighthound family.

In fact, it is common for Borzois to get a cold. Pets usually catch a cold when the weather changed suddenly. So owners don’t panic if Borzois have a cold, just need to feed them some cold medication in time to control the condition.

If the cold is serious, owners should bring them to the veterinary hospital to seek help from the veterinarian. They will get better soon after timely diagnosing and taking medicine.

Borzois will be depressed when it have a cold, their eyes will be always half-closed. Sometimes they will shed tears, and the eyes will show symptoms of congestion redness. The nose will flow out the nasal secretions, sometimes sneezing, and the body temperature will rise to more than 39 degrees. It will breathe faster, sometimes with a cough and appetite decreases.

If owners encounter these symptoms, experienced dog owners must give them timely medications. Inexperienced dog owners must bring them to the veterinary hospital in time.

Knowing what to do when the Borzoi catches a cold, the owner must prepare some common medicines at home and use them when pets are sick. If the medicine doesn’t work, it is still necessary to seek help from the veterinarian.

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How to control the dog’s food intake?

 Controlling the dog’s food intake is to let dogs’ intake equal to the account of food you feed it but not how much food it want. Scientific feeding needs manual control, and the owner’s full understanding of his dog.

Dogs are usually very awkward and often don’t know they’re already full. Especially for good food, it will never eat enough. Although it will not sustain itself like goldfish, eat too much will cause indigestion in dog, such as vomiting and diarrhea.









So, as a master, what should we do to control the dog’s food intake? Should we count the number of dog food we feed every day? In fact, we just need to follow the principle of feeding according to the dog’s constitution.

Before the dog is 8 months old, it is in a growing period. During this time you should follow the principle of small meals. If you do not know how much the dog eats, you can let the dog eat enough once and remember the quantity. Next time, eighty percent of this quantity is enough.

After eight months, the bone growth has stabilized and if the dog is found to be fat, it is necessary to control the quantity of food. If its account of exercise is normal and there is no gain in weight, you doesn’t need to worry about your dog too much.

For aging dogs, the digestive ability will worsen and the appetite will worsen, either. So controlling the amount of food is relatively easy for the old dog.











It should be noted that although a dog recovering from a serious illness needs more nutrition to restore his constitution, he or she should not blindly add food.

In particular, after a dog is sterilized, its food intake will begin to increase, and more attention should be paid to avoiding the obesity.

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